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Our new Wildlife + Biodiversity Stakeholder for Life Donor + Friends partner Member!!!

THANK YOU TO for hosting an amazing Volunteer partnership event with us + their generous donations impacting #ecology, #natural resource conservation + #recycling at Oleta (plus all the overlapping ecosystem services' benefits/boosting sustainability + resilience at the park)!!! 

some quick stats on their donations:
  • 150 new natives, including 15 endangered species trees

  • 30 species/10 larval hosts supporting 14 butterflies!!!

  • 24 pollinator flowering + 9 berry-provision species

  • Rain barrel system of 25,000-gallons (G) in garden 

  • Educational signage to engage Oleta's 400K+ visitors

  • 4 new recycling bins - total new 220-gallon vol. capacity
  • at min. weekly pickup, 11,500 G /year of recycling 

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Great #ICC2018 Success:
325 Volunteers collected nearly 450 lbs!!!

We have a new Club for our community to join together + protect Oleta's wonderful (yet at risk) Natural Resources!!!

Biodiversity + Wildlife Conservation (BWC) Club

Join here today...

The Friends of Oleta River State Park is a dedicated and passionate 501(c)(3) nonprofit citizen support organization that sponsors events, raises funds, and advances the goals and missions of Oleta River State Park.

In 2018 the Friends Top Park Goal buzzwords are:
Citizen Science - Butterfly +Biodiversity Gardens -
Park Cleanups/Recycling - Better Bike Trails 
Best Volunteer, Recreational + Community Events
Urban Sustainability + Resilience Promotion
Want to know what we have been up to, read this new article from October 5 at VoyageMIA:

Interview with the Friends Board President on the Friends of Oleta click here

♻️ Recycling now happening at Oleta!!! ♻️

We launched #recycling at Oleta + added bins! 

SUMMER is great time to JOIN the Friends of Oleta! Biodiversity Club Membership = 12 FREE Park entrances for $18

We are RECYCLING at Oleta! Our pilot is inspired by the key idea that little steps by MANY can lead to IMPACTFUL CHANGE

want to Join Us? Oletaspfriends@gmail.com

Who should join? Anyone who values nature and community wellness; wants to improve access to adventure sports, outdoor fitness, and environmental education; and is driven to preserve and protect Oleta's vital natural resources should join in our mission.

 Join the Friends of Oleta River State Park now to help protect and preserve the Park for our community today and for FUTURE generations!

Contact Oleta River State Park directly by clicking: FSP


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FRIENDScodeofethics2018.pdf, please find a copy of our Code of Ethics at above link.

Biscayne Times 2016 article on Oleta w/ quotes from the Friends of Oleta:

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