The Friends Goals

  • Redesign + Revitalize Oleta's TWO Butterfly Garden via extensive Native Plantings, Invasive species removal + the additional of Educational Kiosks/Signage
  • Launch the Eco-themed Fitness Trail project - to feature ADA fitness equipment, STEM-inspired play structures, and a unique workout circuit course rounding out in the most peaceful workout ambiance - amongst native trees, plants and water views
  • Maintain + Redevelop + Enhance the Mountain Bike Trails
  • Lead an Anti-litter Campaign and increase Recycling at the Park 
  • Develop an Educational Program founded on Citizen Science to welcome more kids to the Park for fun and education 
  • Solarize more park facilities and vehicles, along with beginning a switch to LED lighting at the Park.
  • Jumpstart plans towards an Environmental Education Facility 
  • Host more local children at the Park via a well-funded Growing Green Giants Program - offering regular day trips and summer events

In the last couple years, the Friends have spent over $25,000 to directly support Park-staff operations via equipment repairs, purchases and materials.  We have helped to replace equipment stolen from the Park. We have purchased + planted about 2000 native plants/trees for both Oleta Butterfly Gardens. Our cleanups, equal thousands of lbs. of trash - including recycling separation - removed from the Parks woods, beach and shores. In prior years, we have purchased new equipment and vehicles, including two 8-passenger DONATION trams, which have been extremely successful in transporting Oleta visitors while raising funds via donations. We have invested in materials/supplies for the Biking Trails, along with the purchase of two bike service-stations, for quick bike repairs.

One of 2 trams purchased by the Friends of Oleta. Volunteer drivers ferry visitors to beach/picnic areas from the parking lot for donations to the Friends  

The Friends purchased two 210-watt solar panel roofs for the electric utility vehicles. Each roof has a built-in charge controller, which doubles the battery life. 

Friends' funded interpretive board educating visitors on Oleta's ecosystems plus native flora and fauna.

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