Volunteer Day with Aventura Waterways - Ms. Macko + Recycling Launch

11 Mar 2017 11:10 PM | Anonymous

We partnered again in 2017 with Ms. Macko - a much beloved science teacher (and Science Department chair) at Aventura Waterways Prep Academy - and her students/families!  They were a very big group and we planted a lot of new natives in the Butterfly Garden, as well as in new garden zone areas near parking lot #6 (a Park-staff project we are funding for the Park).  The planting near parking was a big task with poor, rocky soil but they got it done!  We appreciated the help to GREEN additional disturbed park areas.

Ms. Macko was our Young Friends Recycling Pilot leader's (Eduardo Chocron) past teacher and they both enjoyed adding new recycling bins to the Park and collecting recyclables!  It was a beautiful day at the Park and we are so thankful for dedicated teachers like Ms. Macko, who has brought hundreds of student volunteers to Oleta in the last couple years!

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